Water Washable Resin LCD
Red / 500 g

High-quality resin that only requires post-processing in water
  • Fast printing time
  • 76D shore hardness
  • Minimal printing odor
  • LCD 3D printers only
  • Post-processes in water
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Product description

Discover the Water Washable LCD Resin by eSun for high-quality resin 3D printing. Create strong and detailed parts that only require water to post-process and cut down on time and toxins by using water instead of isopropyl. The Water Washable resin is compatible with most LCD resin 3D printers.

Achieve superior 3D printing quality paired with efficient finishing options. With the eSun’s Water Washable LCD resin you can print 3D models and parts with great stability and high toughness and strength. The Water Washable resin has low shrinkage, ensuring superb printing accuracy. Using water instead of isopropyl for post-processing has many benefits. Water is not only very accessible but is also a healthier option for post-processing. Once your 3D object has been printed, rinse it thoroughly with clean tap water. For the material to obtain its final properties, place the printed model in either natural sunlight or under UV light for longevity or simply use the Wash & Cure 2.0 curing station. Once you have completed these final steps, your 3D model will have a vibrant color. Note: The water cannot be disposed of down the drain and should be correctly disposed of in bottles or should be left to evaporate in a tub.


sku EWWLCDR500
gtin 6922572278639
Net. Weight 500 g
Resin Properties
Specialty Water Washable Resin
Color Red
Type LCD
Toughness 76D
UV Wavelength 395-410 nm
€ 20.65  excl VAT In stock
Dispatches same business day!

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