FLsun Delta 3D printers

FLsun Delta 3D printers

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 10/06/2022 22:37:31
FLsun Delta 3D printers

Are you looking for a Delta 3D printer? Well you are in luck then because we have them now available in our shop. We have just added these two Delta 3D printers from FLsun. With a nice simple design it has everything you are looking for. You can transfer your 3D printing files through SD or USB,  they have automatic bed leveling, resume print function and come with a slick touchscreen.

The Q5 has a bed diameter of 20 cm and will give you fast and accurate 3D printing results, but if you want to turn it up a notch you should definitely take a look at the Super Racer. It has a bed diameter of 26 cm and as the name suggest it will get you to the end result super fast. It can print up to a speed of 200 mm/s! Just click on the button below to find out more about these new printers.

Flsun Q5     FLsun Super Racer


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