FlashForge Guider II

FlashForge Guider II

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 09/12/2021 16:52:51
FlashForge Guider II

Guider II

This is a 3D printer for experienced makers who are interested in creating parts at an industrial level thanks to the massive build space of 280 mm x 250 mm x 300 mm. The auto-bed leveling feature cuts down time by making sure that the 3D printer’s platform has been accurately leveled beforehand. With an open filament system, you can print a variety of materials up to the maximum extruder temperature of 240°C. The user-friendly touch screen display will ensure easy operation of the printer. If you want to see what other features this machine has then click on the button below!

FlashForge Guider II

Silica gel bags

Maintain your filament and keep it in the best shape with Silica gel bags. The bags are made to absorb 30% of their own weight in moisture effectively working to clear any moisture. Furthermore, the Silica gel bags do not contain toxic chemicals and are DMF-free. We have them available in 100 and 250 gram bags. Click on the link below to find out more!

Silica gel bag 100 gram     Silica gel bag 250 gram


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