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At this time we offer 4 different types of electronics. So what should you choose? This page is to help you with your decision.

What do you need?
The first question to ask is what you need. If you are building a 'normal' 3D printer, chances are you don't need an advanced type of electronics. If you have specific requirements, you may want to investigate a more advanced type of electronics.

Why ReprapWorld.Com electronics?
We are determined in supplying cheap, but high quality electronics. Next to the 'main-stream' (and older) electronics as RAMPS and Sanguinololu, we also supply our own lines of electronics: Minitronics and megatronics. Everything is open-source as we believe in a community driven improvement process. If you are a reseller or manufacturer of 3D printers, you may have specific requirements regarding your electronics. Feel free to contact us for customization of electronics to fit your needs.

Product comparison
The following list is to help you compare the electronics. If you need more information, you can contact our technical support.

Name Megatronics v3.3 - Basic kit Ultratronics Pro v1.0 Duet 2 Ethernet controller card
Duet 2 Wifi controller card
Price € 120.99 € 144.95 € 195 € 179.95
Brand ReprapWorld ReprapWorld Duet3D Duet3D
Type Atmega2560 SAM3X8H SAM4E8E SAM4E8E
Frequency 16 MHz 84 MHz 120 MHz 120 MHz
Memory 512 512 - 512Kb
Technology AVR ARM SAM SAM
Length 110 mm 155 mm - -
Depth 95 mm 112 mm - -
Height 18 mm 25 mm - -
MOSFETs 6 7 5 5
Thermistors 4 5 3 3
Endstops 6 6 5 5
Stepper drivers 6 7 5 5
Thermocouples 2 4 - No
Sound Yes Yes No No
LCD Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keypad connector Yes No No No
SD Card Yes Yes Yes Yes
External SD card Yes Yes Yes Yes
External stepper drivers 6 7 - No
Ethernet No Yes Yes No
Seperated heated bed input Yes Yes No No
WIFI - - No Yes
Price / Order
Price € 120.99 € 144.95 € 195 € 179.95
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