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Find a variety of 3D filament for all your 3D printing projects. We have the best selection of high quality 3D filament materials, top 3D filament brands and specials. There are many 3D filament types with their own unique advantages and requirements to take into account. In this section we have listed all of the 3D filament that we have to offer and broken down some things to consider during purchasing the 3D filament for you.

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RepRapWorld has a large selection of 3D filament materials. In this section, you can find 3D filament types for every kind of 3D printing application. Choose the 3D material that will best compliment your printing activities. Our the NL warehouse is ready for your order, offering fast delivery. Once you make an order, your order will be dispatched on the same business day!


We offer the best filament for your 3D prints by different brands. Our the NL warehouse is stocked with a range of 3D filament types and materials ready for delivery. Have a look at the 3D filament brands, all with their own unique features and specialties.

Filament Specials

Discover RepRapWorld’s assortment of filament specials. We have grouped the filament specials by functions below. From weather-resistant filament to cleaning filament, we offer the filament for every application. With this collection, you will always be prepared for your next printing session!


Explore RepRapWorld’s collection of 3D pellets. We have 3D pellets by different brands in multiple colors, materials, and quality. Use the left menu to easily select your preferences.

Selecting 3D filament

A 3D filament is the thermoplastic thread that is used by a 3D printer to print out 3D models. The 3D filament is key for the usage of the 3D models that you will create. During the 3D filament selection process, the 3D filament size, 3D filament material, 3D filament brand and spool weight are some of the factors to keep in mind. Before purchasing any 3D filament, always check if your 3D printer is going to be compatible with the material!

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Frequently asked questions

What 3D filament works in a 3D printer?

All 3D printers can use PLA filament. 3D printers with a heated bed and a hot end that can go above temperatures of 250 degrees celcius can print 3D filament such as ABS, PETG and ASA, giving even more possibilities. Find out more about 3D filament properties on our 3D filament information page.

Which 3D filament materials are there?

The 3D filament materials which exist are PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, PET, PETT, NYLON, PVA, HIPS, TPE, Nylon, Wood, ASA, PLA Metal, PMMA, FPE, PP, POM and PEI. The most commonly used 3D filament is PLA, PETG and ABS. Different materials will produce different 3D outcomes. Discover more from the 3D printing experts on RepRapWorld!

What is the difference between 3D filaments?

The difference between 3D filaments is their chemical composition which gives them different properties. Each 3D filament type will have its own advantages and disadvantages to consider. Find the full overview of all 3D filament types, specifications and properties here on RepRapWorld, in our guide to 3D printer filament.

What is the most popular 3D filament in 2023?

The most popular 3D filament being used is PLA. This is due to its high strength and medium durability. PLA is the easiest 3D filament to use when printing a 3D model. PLA also has minimal warping which lessens the possibility of a failed print.

What is the best material for 3D printing miniatures?

The best material to use for printing miniatures is PLA. This will provide great detail to your miniature 3D model when using an FDM printer. The highest detail can be printed when using an SLA printer. Find out more on RepRapWorld

How long does 3D filament last?

3D filament does not have an expiration date. Factors that mostly influence this will be the conditions in which you decide to store your 3D filament in. If you are not going to be using your 3D filament for a while, then it is advised to use our SUNLU drybox to keep your 3D filament in the best condition.

How much 3D filament do I need?

  • The amount of 3D filament will depend on the size of the 3D model that you are printing.
  • Infill settings - how solid or hollow a model is will influence the amount you need.
  • Support structure. A slicer software like Cura will provide you an indication of the 3D filament length required for your print. Find out more on our site about swapping 3D filament during your print.

Can you make your own filament?

It is certainly possible to make your own 3D filament. To make your own 3D filament you will need plastic pellets and a pellet filament extruder. This device will allow you to melt plastic pellets into 3D filament. The 3D filament will come out in long strands and should be wound around a spool after it finishes cooling. The pellet filament extruder can be found in the pellet section above.

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